About newsdirect

Ear to the ground

Decisions made in parliament, whether Westminster, Holyrood, Strasbourg or Brussels, affect us all. By interacting with the parliamentary procedure, individuals and organisations can help shape those decisions.

We’re here to help our clients in both respects: keep abreast of debate and legislation; and have the confidence and skills to negotiate and interact with the parliamentary process.

Being informed is the best preparation for change. And knowing the ropes is the best way of getting heard and thus influencing policy and legislation.

Global corporates, government agencies, local government, NHS, public sector, trade bodies, membership organisations, voluntary sector and consultancies all make use of our expertise.

When we take you on as a client we find out what you need to know. We then manage the flow of information so that it’s relevant. And whatever skills or knowledge you need we can address with our political awareness training.

Our aim is to make parliament readily accessible, reveal its workings and highlight the relevant contacts.

To this end we make ourselves accessible. One of our team is always available at the end of a phone line. Or you can pop in to chat through an enquiry over a coffee. We take a direct, hands-on approach with no fanfare. You’ll find us attentive and responsive – in a word: accommodating. And surprisingly reasonable when it comes to our fees.

Call us to set up a meeting on 0131 557 9999

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