Hi. You’ve reached the homepage of newsdirect. Political intelligence? Some might claim that’s a contradiction in terms. Better explain what we do.

Quote of the week

During Wednesday's Liberal Democrat Debate on Privacy and the State, Jackson Carlaw commented on the contribution of Christine Grahame...
Jackson Carlaw: "We also heard from Mrs Grahame-"
Christine Grahame: "Mrs?"
Jackson Carlaw: "Ms Grahame. We heard that the issue must not be party political. Ms Grahame does not come naked into the chamber without form before her. Had any other Government proposed the same thing, she would have been throwing her jewellery at the ministers."
Christine Grahame: "The member has woken me up." [...]
John Swinney: "I obviously irked Jackson Carlaw by trying to have a reasoned debate in Parliament. Maybe I should just make a hysterical contribution to Parliament - on that basis, I would compete with him for the most colourful contributions."

Based in Edinburgh, our small, dedicated team provides comprehensive public affairs support to clients. We do this by:

  • monitoring and reporting on parliamentary activities
  • delivering political awareness training

So, intelligence in the sense both of managed information and know how. We can also offer clients campaign, project and research support.

newsdirect is a unique, professional conduit into the realm of politics. We funnel parliamentary news that’s relevant to our clients. We also provide our clients with the skills to navigate the parliamentary system. Useful? Invaluable! At least, that’s what they say.

What our clients say …

"newsdirect consistently provide us with effective monitoring and relevant briefings all of which are carefully tailored to our needs. In Scotland’s fast moving political environment, their insight and intelligence have been of real value to our political engagement and public affairs work."
The Law Society of Scotland

"Our daily report and updates are brilliant for keeping ahead of what's going on in parliament - people here really like the fact that they're succinct, timely and focussed on what we need to know."
Scottish Funding Council

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